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World Mobile Test Centre

                     Wireless Mobile Testing Experts

The Terminal and Mobile devices today have become so complex that there is the great need for reliable mobile testing services .

 We at  -"World Mobile Test Centre"-, concentrate solely on testing and test management, of various mobile terminal handsets. Our goal is to help our customers develop fully tested products and bring their technology-enabled change faster.

Research and Development departments today, are not only caught up with enormous workloads , but also  compelled to deliver within very short time. To maintain the high level of quality assurance, testing, test at a low cost, during all phases of product development a Professional testing body is required. World Mobile Test Centre- , is the perfect solution .

World Mobile Test Centre offers mobile application and testing services to simplify the testing needs of applications developers, service providers and terminal handset manufacturers.

We consider testing a requirement, should customers want to deliver superior quality at the right time and, at the right price.  To achieve credibility and success, Software and product testing are basic requirements.

World Mobile Test Centre offers in-lab and in-field testing services in whole of Europe, North America and Africa for most Terminal Handsets manufacturers, Network vendors and major operators.


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